Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Low Income Wireless Solutions through Verizon

For those that are low income and having problems being able to find an affordable cell phone service there is an answer to Lifeline and Link Up from Verizon Wireless.

So what is Life Line and what is Link Up? The Lifeline and Link Up are two programs which put forward cell phone plan discounts for those low-income customers that will qualify in order to get a wireless phone discount.


The Lifeline program is something that provides a discount on a monthly basis to those individuals that qualify. The requirements for eligibility and the discount amounts will vary from state to state. There are restrictions that apply.

Link Up

The Link Up program is a program that will pay for 50% of a qualified low-income customer’s activation fee. With the other 50%, Verizon Wireless will relinquish the remaining 50% of the program. There are of course restrictions that apply to this program as well.

How Much Money Can Be Saved

Depending on whether or not you qualify the Lifeline program is about to save you around a minimum of $8.25 per month on your wireless bill. The amount of money that you’ll save is going to be dependent on the state that you live in.
If you happen to live on tribal land that is recognized federally it is possible for you to be able to qualify for additional discounts. Those discounts could potentially reduce your wireless plan to as low as only $1.00 per month.

How to Qualify

The requirements for eligibility are going to differ depending on the state that you live in. For the Lifeline program, you can only have one account per household. You can check your state’s eligibility by visiting the following link.
For those that are applying for the Lifeline program, they will require two proofs of identification. Additionally, they must certify, under punishment of lying under oath, that they are eligible to participate in the Lifeline program.


Like stated above you are only able to have the Lifeline assistance program for only one wired or wireless phone to a household. The Link Up or Lifeline assistance is only obtainable for a customer that has both their primary residence and their billing address as the same. Also, the billing address of the Lifeline customer has to be located within a designated Verizon Wireless service area. The Lifeline assistance plan isn’t able to be applied retroactively.
The Link Up assistance can only be applied at one time in order to begin service. This can be for only a single wired or wireless phone line at the same address. The Link Up assistance can’t be applied to either customer services or equipment and this includes the cost of the phone. The Link Up assistance plan also isn’t able to be applied retroactively.

State Availability
The Lifeline and Link Up programs are offered within the following states, however, they might not be available in all of the areas of these states:

•    Alabama
•    Arkansas
•    Colorado
•    Florida
•    Georgia
•    Iowa
•    Kansas
•    Louisiana
•    Michigan
•    Minnesota
•    Mississippi
•    Nebraska
•    Nevada
•    New York
•    North Carolina
•    North Dakota
•    South Dakota
•    Texas
•    Virginia
•    West Virginia
•    Wisconsin

To Qualify

In order to qualify visit the Verizon Wireless website through the following link and download the application to apply.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lawsuits Filed Against RIM, HTC and Viewsonic By Nokia

Nokia has declared that the firm is going to defend its intellectual property. The Finnish firm has already launched the case of patent infringement against the top mobile manufacturers like HTC , RIM and Viewsonic.

Though, both in Germany and US suits have been filed. However, Finnish firm has assured that litigation action will not be taken.

Chief legal officer, Louise Pentland, commented that Nokia has all the technology that is needed for great mobile devices. More than 40 companies have been licensed essential for our standards. Well, Nokia has said to avoid the litigation,but this case has been filed in order end the unauthorized use of the innovations and technologies invented by us which are still not widely licensed.

The suits have been filed in the Federal District Court of Delaware against both HTC and Viewsonic.
In Germany, however the suits include state against HTC and RIM particularly in the Regional Court of Dusseldorf. There were plenty of allegations fired at all three major mobile firms in the Regional Courts in Mannheim. It seems Nokia is not taking the suits lightly and total of 45 patent issues have been cited in all the cases.

Nokia has also mentioned the areas where infringement has occurred such as hardware capabilities including power management,dual function antennas and multi mode radios. On the software end, these include app stores, dynamic menus, data encryption and retrieval of emails on a mobile.

Pentland has mentioned that most of these inventions are key to Nokia products . It is necessary of the companies to use their own innovations thereby respecting our intellectual property. No toleration of the unauthorized use will be done.